February 2018 News


February 10, 2018

Community IT Innovators February 2018 News

Welcome February!

Perhaps because it is the shortest month, February can seem overwhelmingly scheduled on our calendars. Meetings and projects are now in full swing for the first quarter.

You may have heard of the Meltdown and Spectre security issues Community IT Innovators February 2018 Newsand wonder how they affect you. CTO Matt Eshleman and Centralized Services Manager Galen Wenger reviewed the best approaches for addressing the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in a special webinar February 8th. Hardware and software manufacturers continue to release and revise their solutions. Matt and Galen have been in the trenches deploying updates to our clients, and will share our experience with the latest fixes and discuss the best strategies for applying them. Please check back for the slides and recording links which we will post soon.

On February 21st at 4pm, Kyle Haines at our partner Build Consulting will be giving our regular hour long webinar on Five Hacks to Weave Constituent Experience Into Your Organization. Community IT Innovators February 2018 News

Constituents increasingly expect a rich, personalized experience when engaging with nonprofits. Fortunately, being an expert in constituent experience doesn’t mean that you’re an expert designer or programmer. Constituent experience is about how constituents experience your organization and can have profound impacts on how your organization leverages technology. This webinar is appropriate for nonprofit executives, managers, and IT personnel.

Kyle Haines is an expert at helping organizations and people to learn, communicate, and grow through the use of information technology. Kyle is passionate about all things design. An architect at heart, he finds joy in creating evocative and engaging “things”. This passion spans his personal and professional life.

Build Consulting works exclusively with nonprofits, providing technology and data strategy, project leadership, and information systems management/support. Build helps organizations increase their capacity to leverage data management systems for good. Build Consulting is passionately independent. They do not receive any form of direct or indirect compensation from any vendor for the recommendations they make or perspectives they share.

If you miss any of our webinars or blog posts, we understand how busy you are – these resources can found on our website at any time.


If you missed our Technology Trends Round Table on January 24th, 2018 from 4-5pm EST you can find the links to the slides and YouTube recording here. The executive team at Community IT Innovators shares our thoughts on security, staff training, data processes and storage, platforms, upgrades, and more trends that will affect nonprofits this year.  The audience questions were fascinating and I really enjoyed this webinar. If you’ve never been to our webinars before I hope you’ll check the links out – it’s a very friendly place to ask questions and get information to help your decision making, and we invite you to participate or to peruse our past offerings here on our website – and all offered as a free resource to our community.

As you are planning, remember that you can still register at an early bird rate until the end of February for the 18NTC Nonprofit Technology Conference in New Orleans from April 11-14. Community IT Innovators has supported and attended this conference since it’s early days and we can heartily recommend it as a networking and learning experience.

Please let me know if you have questions or ideas for future webinar topics you’d like covered, and follow me on LinkedIn or FaceBook for all my latest posts and news.

Warm Regards,

Johan Hammerstrom, President & CEO