What Clients are Saying

“I wanted to extend our thanks from CHN to you and your whole team this year and last year when we were planning for a possible move. Seems like everything is set-up and the new switch and new computer are great!

It’s tough managing IT for a small office and we appreciate your help with the big things we have no idea about – and the small things we may just not be able to handle on our own.”
Joanna Sandager, Communications Associate
Coalition on Human Needs (CHN)

“It was good, IT trouble-free year. We appreciate CommunityIT professionalism and knowledge that help us run our organization smoothly.”
Oksana Klimova, Director of Web Services
Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD)

“On behalf of College Summit a big thank you for the tremendous work on our Office 2013 upgrade and Office 365 migration. A few minor issues of course, we wouldn’t expect otherwise given the enormity of the project but it has been a great success overall and has moved our organization forward in ways that are long awaited. We are truly grateful to you and the entire team at Community IT.

I was singing your praises today around all of the savings in this year and all of the work you have done not just in the day to day operations but planning, budgeting and all of the projects that will create a foundation for our future.”
Jo Smith, President & Chief Operating Officer
College Summit

“We rely on Community IT for our entire IT capacity and have always been satisfied.”
David Dorsey, Chief Financial Officer
Manna Inc.

“Community IT’s Project Team did a wonderful job with our server upgrade.”
Alan Adye, Chief Operating Officer
Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development

“We were working with an innovative but arcane system; so Community IT helped us at the perfect time to really streamline and improve our system – they were just fabulous.”
Bronwyn Belling, Project Manager
AARP Foundation

“Community IT has been terrific at problem-solving and moving us along, with not only our little computer problems, but our big moments of crisis. Community IT has been delivering wonderful customer service/tech support and we are a very satisfied customer.”
Pam Rutter, Web Manager
Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

“We appreciate that Community IT does not try to fix things that aren’t broken, and understands the ‘non-profit’ sensibility. Community IT helps us use all of our computer-related resources to the fullest of their capabilities.”
Jana Kurtz
American Academy of Optometry

“Hiring a full-time Network Administrator from Community IT is like hiring a whole organization to address our IT needs. In addition to daily support, we tap into the collective Community IT experience, solutions, new ideas, and best practices.”
Karen Lattea, Chief Administrative Officer

“We are again most grateful for the quality of workᅠCommunity IT performed here this year.ᅠ We all feel like the Community IT staff are members of the team.”
Rosalyn Fitch, Office Manager
Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

“By outsourcing to Community IT, we have been able to stay focused on our mission without getting bogged down in an area that is outside our core business. I was skeptical at first, but it has been a very positive improvement for our entire organization.”
Cheryl Ramp, COO & Executive Vice-President
The Stimson Center