At Community IT Innovators, we strive to share our tech expertise through our webinars. We cover diverse topics such as cloud options, data retention, file sharing and many other topics related to technology for nonprofits.

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Upcoming Webinar

April 19th from 4-5pm EDT – Single Sign On (SSO) Security

SSO products form a protective layer between the user and cloud applications that user has access to, acting as a master password. Join Matt Eshleman for a half-hour presentation followed by Q&A as he shares the pros and cons, the available SSO products, training staff, and the costs.

Past Webinar Slides & Recordings

  1. March 2017: Security Readiness – Slides & Recording
    Matt Eshleman shares our expertise in addressing nonprofit security at all levels, from your infrastructure to your personnel, and what your organization can be doing to stay secure in this age of cyber insecurity.
  2. February 2017: Information Management Basics – Slides & Recording
    Our special guests Build Consulting describe big picture ways to improve your information management mindset to help you manage and leverage the vast amount of information your organization creates.
  3. January 2017: New Year’s Resolutions Roundtable – Slides & Recording
    Our panel of Community IT Innovators experts share their New Year’s Resolutions with you regarding their nonprofit technology concerns in security, technology management, the cloud, infrastructure, and more.
  4. November 2016: Is Dropbox Your Next File Server? – Slides & Recording
    In the last webinar of 2016 join Steve Longenecker for an in-depth and hands-on look at the pros and cons of using Dropbox as a cloud-based replacement for your file server.
  5. October 2016: Identifying IT Risks – Slides & Recordings
    Community IT Innovators experts Eva Townsend and Nura Aboki present this webinar on Identifying IT Risks. Eva and Nura perform routine Technology Assessments on existing and new clients several times a month and will share our best practices for reviewing IT risks and putting safeguards in place.
  6. September 2016: Planning an Office Move – Slides & Recording
    Community IT Innovators office move experts William Maxwell and Rick Alloway present an informative and lively discussion of best practices to pursue, and pitfalls to avoid.  We’ve learned a thing or two about moving in our 20+ years of working with nonprofits, and can tell you while office moves can be disruptive, they don’t have to be frustrating or involve unmitigated downtime.
  7. August 2016: Planning and IT Project Management for Nonprofits – Slides & Recording
    President and CEO Johan Hammerstrom and our Director of IT Consulting Steve Longenecker delve into the world of IT infrastructure project management at nonprofits! This webinar talks about discovering your business needs and linking them to IT initiatives, and how to plan to gather metrics and demonstrate ROI. We address roles and responsibilities, planning, implementation, follow up, and tips for success.  We touch on how to hire consultants and vet vendors, and we talk about how to integrate staff into your implementation and roll out, and get buy-in and support from executives.
  8. July 2016: Building an Effective Nonprofit IT Department – Slides & Recording
    For many organizations, especially those under 100 staff, building and managing an effective IT department can be a daunting challenge.  This webinar reviews the essential functions required – and examines the various job titles that cover the basics.  Community IT Innovators President and CEO Johan Hammerstrom also discusses how to effectively integrate your IT staff into the rest of your organization.
  9. June 2016: Dropbox and Other Alternatives to SharePoint – Slides & Recording
    In this webinar Steve Longenecker and Johanny Torrico examine several alternatives to SharePoint including Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive specifically.  We answer questions on framing the choice for your organization and what you and your users can expect with each of these cloud based storage systems.
  10. May 2016: Successful SharePoint Implementation – Slides & Recording
    In this webinar follow up to the April 2016 discussion of planning a migration to SharePoint, Abdul Musa and Johanny Torrico delve into the basics of going through with an implementation. They will provide a robust methodology based on standard Information Architecture (IA) principles for successfully assessing and migrating organizational documents to SharePoint.
  11. April 2016: Un-Selling SharePoint – Slides & Recording
    Learn to guide your organization through the philosophical assessment you need to make before embarking on a SharePoint project.  If you are experiencing a rough SharePoint implementation – this webinar can give you the tools to take a step back, get buy in, and get back on track. Steve Longenecker and Johanny Torrico present on the challenges as well as the benefits that the platform delivers.
  12. March 2016: Windows 10 for the Enterprise – Slides & Recording
    Senior Engineer Galen Wenger shares all of the knowledge Community IT has gained over six months of implementing Windows 10 upgrades. Learn how to maximize the value of Windows 10 for your nonprofit. Galen discusses automation, security improvements, branding and other customization features.
  13. February 2016: Backups and Disaster Recovery for Nonprofits – Slides & Recording
    Backups and Disaster Recovery are now an essential part of any organization’s IT strategy.  In this webinar Matt Eshleman and Steve Longenecker walk through the approaches available to nonprofits, discussing pros and cons, particularly as they relate to the size and function of the organization.
  14. January 2016: IT Security Threats to Nonprofits – Slides & Recording
    In this webinar Matt Eshleman and Steve Longenecker share what we’ve learned about risks from one of our security partners OpenDNS about the ways any computer network can be compromised, and present ways you can protect yourself by implementing a managed network environment.
  15. November 2015: Are You Ready For Office 2016? – Slides & Recording
  16. October 2015: Guidelines for Annual Nonprofit IT Budgeting Slides & Recording
  17. September 2015: Training Staff in Basic End User IT Security – Slides & Recording
  18. August 2015: Leveraging IT for Success – Slides & Recording
  19. July 2015: Raiser’s Edge NXT – Slides & Recording
  20. June 2015: Microsoft Sneak Peek at Skype for Business, Windows 10 & Office 2016 – Slides & Recording
  21. May 2015: Recap of Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015 – Slides & Recording
  22. April 2015: Crafting an IT Security Policy for Your Organization – Slides & Recording
  23. March 2015: How Data Quality Defines Your Organization – Slides & Recording
  24. February 2015: OneDrive versus Dropbox – Slides & Recording
  25. January 2015: A Look Back, A Look Ahead at Nonprofit Technology – Slides & Recording
  26. November 2014: A Disruption in the Nonprofit CRM Force – Recording
  27. October 2014: IT Security New and Emerging Best Practices – Slides & Recording
  28. September 2014: Supporting Remote Workers – Slides & Recording
  29. August 2014: Cloud Migration Planning – Slides & Recording
  30. July 2014: Taking Another Look At SharePoint – Slides & Recording
  31. June 2014: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Strategy for Nonprofits – Slides & Recording
  32. May 2014: Moving to the Cloud – Links to Slides & Recording in NTEN archive
  33. April 2014: IT Planning for Disasters – Slides & Recording
  34. March 2014: Best of Nonprofit Tech – Slides & Recording
  35. February 2014: IT Budgeting for Nonprofits – Slides
  36. January 2014: Cloud File Sharing for Nonprofits – Slides & RecordingFor previous webinar materials through June 2012 please contact us.