At Community IT Innovators, we strive to share our tech expertise through our webinars. We cover diverse topics such as cloud options, data retention, file sharing and many other topics related to technology for nonprofits.

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Upcoming Webinar

January 17th: Technology Trends Round Table – 4-5pm EST

Our panel of Community IT Innovators experts share updates on trends in security, technology management, the cloud, infrastructure, and more issues for nonprofits in 2018.

Past Webinar Slides & Recordings

  1. November 15th: Improving Donor Data – Slides & Recording coming soon 
    Join Community IT Innovators colleagues Build Consulting as they share a story of how one nonprofit organization improved their donor data. The lessons learned from this story apply to many data types, including members, funders, partners, and program beneficiaries.
  2. October 18th: What’s New In Office 365 – Slides & Recording
    Join CTO Matt Eshleman to learn how to make the most of Office 365 features for your organization, training your staff to see the value of this platform, tips to save time and work efficiently and effectively, and the correct set up to keep your work accessible to your team while secure from hackers.
  3. September 20th: Your Nonprofit IT Budget – Slides & Recording
    An informative discussion with CEO Johan Hammerstrom on how to budget for your IT to perform well, how to integrate IT budget decisions at all levels of management, and how to become comfortable viewing IT decisions as important strategic decisions.
  4. August 23d: We Are All Data Managers. Learn How To Up Your Game – Slides & Recording
    Join Build Consulting for a discussion of how we are all data managers and how we can think differently to up our data management game. The skills you learn in this webinar will make you a better manager of data and a more valued employee to your organization. 15 minutes of presentation and the remainder of the time answering questions.
  5. July 19th: Crafting Your Nonprofit IT Security Policy – Slides & Recording
    CTO Matt Eshleman takes you through a manageable outline to create or update a policy for your organization that will address different levels of access to data; confidentiality and security; emails, passwords, and 2 step authentication; and what policies need to be in place for staff devices and cloud computing.
  6. June 21st: Latest Nonprofit Cloud Strategies – Slides & Recording 
    President and CEO Johan Hammerstrom discusses costs and design for cloud hosting and software options, including Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) and Software as a service (SAAS). He focuses on costs for migration, support, hosting, and hidden costs even for “free” cloud platforms for nonprofits; functionality for users; and especially security.
  7. May 17th: Successful Nonprofit Technology Change Management – Slides & Recording
    In one of our most popular webinars, Peter Gross of Build Consulting presents a powerful framework to implement nonprofit technology change management projects for impact. Most technology projects have non-technological goals – to reach those goals, not only must the technology improve, but the habits and behaviors of system users must change.
  8. April 2017: Single Sign On (SSO) Security – Slides & Recording
    SSO products form a protective layer between the user and cloud applications that user has access to, acting as a master password. Matt Eshleman shares the pros and cons, the available SSO products, training staff, and the costs.
  9. March 2017: Security Readiness – Slides & Recording
    Matt Eshleman shares our expertise in addressing nonprofit security at all levels, from your infrastructure to your personnel, and what your organization can be doing to stay secure in this age of cyber insecurity.
  10. February 2017: Information Management Basics – Slides & Recording
    Our special guests Build Consulting describe big picture ways to improve your information management mindset to help you manage and leverage the vast amount of information your organization creates.
  11. January 2017: New Year’s Resolutions Roundtable – Slides & Recording
    Our panel of Community IT Innovators experts share their New Year’s Resolutions with you regarding their nonprofit technology concerns in security, technology management, the cloud, infrastructure, and more.
  12. November 2016: Is Dropbox Your Next File Server? – Slides & Recording
  13. October 2016: Identifying IT Risks – Slides & Recordings
  14. September 2016: Planning an Office Move – Slides & Recording
  15. August 2016: Planning and IT Project Management for Nonprofits – Slides & Recording
  16. July 2016: Building an Effective Nonprofit IT Department – Slides & Recording
  17. June 2016: Dropbox and Other Alternatives to SharePoint – Slides & Recording
  18. May 2016: Successful SharePoint Implementation – Slides & Recording
  19. April 2016: Un-Selling SharePoint – Slides & Recording
  20. March 2016: Windows 10 for the Enterprise – Slides & Recording
  21. February 2016: Backups and Disaster Recovery for Nonprofits – Slides & Recording
  22. January 2016: IT Security Threats to Nonprofits – Slides & Recording
  23. November 2015: Are You Ready For Office 2016? – Slides & Recording
  24. October 2015: Guidelines for Annual Nonprofit IT Budgeting Slides & Recording
  25. September 2015: Training Staff in Basic End User IT Security – Slides & Recording
  26. August 2015: Leveraging IT for Success – Slides & Recording
  27. July 2015: Raiser’s Edge NXT – Slides & Recording
  28. June 2015: Microsoft Sneak Peek at Skype for Business, Windows 10 & Office 2016 – Slides & Recording
  29. May 2015: Recap of Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015 – Slides & Recording
  30. April 2015: Crafting an IT Security Policy for Your Organization – Slides & Recording
  31. March 2015: How Data Quality Defines Your Organization – Slides & Recording
  32. February 2015: OneDrive versus Dropbox – Slides & Recording
  33. January 2015: A Look Back, A Look Ahead at Nonprofit Technology – Slides & RecordingFor previous webinar materials through June 2012 please contact us.