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Cloud Document Management Migration: Usability

Categories: SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office365

Third in a series of posts on migration and implementation of cloud document management, focused on usability. A cloud based solution might address every single need presented in the business case, but still fail due to poor usability. The tool or interface may not be a good match to the work culture of your users, may be over complicated, or not robust enough, may have a steep learning curve, or may allow users to bypass it entirely without penalty.

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What Is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Categories: Security

Two articles from WIRED clearly explain the IoT and security. "Despite what you may have heard, your webcam and DVR and baby monitor and smart refrigerator almost certainly aren’t complicit in last Friday’s collapse. You’re not an accessory to botnet. At least, not this time"

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Moving Your IT Infrastructure Into the Cloud: Lessons from the Field

Categories: Storing Data

Community IT Innovators is proud to sponsor the newest report from Idealware: Moving IT Infrastructure Into the Cloud. Between marketing hype and high-profile data breaches, some nonprofits remain skeptical of making the move. How can you make sense of the benefits and risks? In this report Idealware looks at Cloud-based solutions for online backup and file storage and office and productivity suites.

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