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Understanding Cloud Computing

Categories: Supplemental IT Support

Cloud computing concepts aren't complicated, and your organization has probably already implemented or contracted with a cloud service in these trending categories. To better understand how nonprofits are using the cloud and where cloud computing is heading, join us June 21st when Johan will review the latest strategies.

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May 2017 News

Categories: President's Corner

The slides for SSO (Single Sign On) April Webinar are posted - Single Sign On (SSO) represents a more comprehensive and appropriate approach for organizations than password managers, and we encourage you to check out our resources or contact us to learn more.

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Single Sign On (SSO) – Slides and Recording Link

Categories: Blog

If you missed Matt Eshleman's April webinar on Single Sign On (SSO) technologies and why you may want to use SSO at your nonprofit, you can catch up on the slides and recording here. From your staff member’s standpoint, an SSO adds convenience and security. Matt compares the pros and cons of Microsoft Office 365 and Okta, which both have nonprofit pricing.

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Webinar: Wednesday May 17 – Successful Nonprofit Technology Change Management – Slides & Recording

Categories: Tech Assessments and Technology Management

Peter Gross of Build Consulting will present a powerful framework to address the challenge of implementing nonprofit technology change management projects for impact. Most technology projects have non-technological goals - but to reach those goals, not only must the technology improve, but the habits and behaviors of system users must change.

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17NTC Collaborative Notes Resource

Categories: Resources

If you missed the 17NTC last week in Washington you don't have to have missed all the awesome resources that were shared. NTEN has posted the collaborative notes here. Tracks included a ton of sessions on social media, fundraising, IT at nonprofits, leadership, security - and most of the notes and slides can be found here, with contact information for the presenters.

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