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Community IT Changes in July – Part 1

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July marks a significant transition for us at Community IT. July 11th Johan Hammerstrom will become CEO & President. Simultaneously, we’re merging Community IT’s Information Strategy Consulting practice with Build Consulting and I will join the new organization to continue providing this valuable service to the nonprofit sector.

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Summary of Bitcoin

Categories: President's Corner

For anyone not entirely familiar with Bitcoin and its implications on the world of technology, this is a must read post from Ben Thompson. In his usual way, he cuts through to the heart of what makes Bitcoin so revolutionary and important.

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Google Abandons the LAN

Categories: Tech Tips

In a security paper published in December 2014, Google outlined its plans to make all of its Corporate data available from anywhere on the public Internet. The shift would eliminate the distinction between the private corporate network (LAN) and the public network.

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