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Hiring Help Desk Technicians!

Categories: Careers

Help Desk Technicians are responsible for providing technical assistance and direct support to Community IT clients’ users. This includes installation, operation and maintenance of desktop hardware, software and related infrastructure.

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Cyber Security – Hospitals

Categories: Security

Monday’s hacking at MedStar came one month after a Los Angeles hospital paid hackers $17,000 to regain control of its computer system, which hackers had seized with ransomware using an infected email attachment. - PBS Newshour

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Women’s Basketball Data Lost – Scarcity Makes Data Fragile

Categories: Tech Assessments and Technology Management

This FiveThirtyEight article today struck me as highly relevant to our nonprofit tech community, especially as we explore moving data and documents online and to the cloud. Many of our clients and partners are chasing data that either drives their work or backs up their achievements - much of it shallow and often scarce. Do you have a good handle on where the essential data crucial to your organization lives, who has access to it, and who controls it?

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