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If you are looking for a trusted IT partner to outsource your IT department,  supplement your in-house team, or provide you technology consulting services, we believe our expertise, proven approach, and focus on nonprofit technology make us a very strong choice.

We are a Washington, D.C. based IT consultancy providing technical staff and strategic technology support to nonprofit organizations. We commit to long-term, collaborative partnerships with our customers.

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Success Stories

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  • LIFT’s impact has grown steadily since working with Community IT, with the number of clients served increasing 22% to 42% each year, and improved results for those clients including more homes, jobs, and money secured. Effective IT systems were a vital part of supporting this increased impact.

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Latest Resource

Webinar: August 25th 2016 – Planning and IT Project Management for Nonprofits


Join us this month for a presentation on our methodology for nonprofit managers who need to manage an IT project. We'll talk about discovering your business needs and linking them to IT initiatives, and how to plan to gather metrics and demonstrate ROI. We'll touch on how to hire consultants and vet vendors. And we'll talk about how to integrate staff into your implementation and roll out, and get buy-in and support from executives.

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Latest Blog Post

Nonprofit Technology Return on Investment – What Is ROI?

How does my organization recognize the many tangible, financial, and intangible benefits to better justify IT projects that often seem to be costly both in time and budget? Can we use ROI projections to help our decision making process on those investments up front? Is ROI more than just an educated guess? This article by Peter Campbell addresses these questions and can help guide your IT project management.

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